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Spreading the Word Through Waves

Lonesome Road Radio is dedicated to broadcasting the profound sermons of Orchardville Church to listeners everywhere. Our mission is to reach out to those on the move, providing spiritual nourishment and a sense of community through the airwaves. Whether you’re driving down a lonesome highway or sitting in your living room, our broadcasts bring you the timeless messages of faith, hope, and love from Orchardville Church, located at 236 County Road 1715 N, Xenia, IL 62899, United States.

Sermon Spotlight: 'Finding Faith on the Road'

A Journey Through Words

Immerse yourself in ‘Finding Faith on the Road,’ a compelling sermon delivered by Pastor Rick Hays at Orchardville Church. This audio sermon, part of our Lonesome Road Radio series, invites listeners to explore spiritual insights and heartfelt teachings directly from our church’s pulpit.

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